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"The first wave was our coming out stories and now we are writing about so many other
things. Ours are the only untold stories--itwas true then, it's true now. We've invented
our lives. It's just exciting to me, the booksyet to be written."

The Kate Delafield Mystery Series

Hancock Park (2004)

Sleeping Bones (1999)

Apparition Alley (1997)

Liberty Square (1996)

Murder by Tradition (1991)

The Beverly Malibu (1989)

Murder at the Nightwood Bar (1987)

Amateur City (1984)


Novels of Romance / Drama

Flashpoint (1994)

An Emergency of Green (1988)

Curious Wine (1983)



Daughters of an Emerald Dusk (2005)

Daughters of an Amber Noon (2002)

Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984)


Short Stories

Dreams and Swords (1988)


Anthologies Edited

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco (2007)

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World or Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950 - 1965 (2005)

Women of Mystery (2005)

All in the Seasoning: and Other Holiday Stories (2004)










Publisher: Spinsters Ink

Print Book Price: $15.95 e-Book Price : $10.95

ISBN-13: 9781935226703

Available from Bella Books


Lambda Literary Award Winner

When Detective Kate Delafield and her partner, Detective Joe Cameron, get the call to investigate a homicide in the secluded, old-money neighborhood of Hancock Park, Kate has the feeling it’s not going to be murder as usual. Her hunch is correct. A cultured, refined mother of three, Victoria Talbot is the last person you’d expect to die by gunshot, execution-style. At first the finger of guilt seems to point at the victim’s ex-husband Douglas, and everyone involved—from the authorities to his own children—are more than willing to suspect him.

But for Kate, the easy way has rarely been proven the right way, and there are too many unanswered questions that suggest not all is at it seems with this dysfunctional family. Now, Douglas Talbot is on trial for his life, Kate’s lover Aimee has disappeared to God-knows-where, and Kate must piece together a deadly puzzle of secrets and lies…

“A mystery in which the answer to every question has weight, every facial expression has significance and the reader gets caught up in both a puzzle and a welter of strategizing by attorneys and witnesses.” - The Washington Post

“A fabulous police procedural...the murder mystery is cleverly executed so that the evidence is laid out one step at a time, enabling the reader to form an opinion, but keep in mind Katherine V. Forrest is brilliant at the sleight of hand or two.”- Midwest Book Review

“Los Angeles homicide cop Kate Delafield makes a strong impression...[she] plies her trade with admirable efficiency and more hard-to-come-by integrity.”- The New York Times Book Review

Originally Published by The Berkley Publishing Group 2004


Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

....[T]he seasoned LAPD detective investigates a murder in the affluent low-crime enclave of Hancock Park. Dysfunctional family values are scrutinized in the press and in a heated courtroom scrimmage, where the slip of a word or facial tic can arm a clever defense attorney. When the corpse of middle-aged matron Victoria Talbot turns up in her stately, suspiciously spick-and-span home, most of the evidence points to her unrepentant and loathsome ex-husband, entrepreneur Douglas Talbot. Kate and faithful partner Detective Joe Cameron structure the developing leads into a damning picture of guilt. The coldly competent deputy DA presents the circumstantial case against Talbot, whose harassment of his ex-wife long after the divorce speaks volumes. But a last-minute bombshell à la Perry Mason adds an unexpected twist.....[L]oyal fans won't be disappointed.

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From Booklist

What are we to make of the new, kinder-and-gentler Detective Kate Delafield? She doesn't care that an important case ends in a hung jury, with no retrial in sight. She willingly expends her talents on tracking down a runaway niece she has never met. She even comes close to soul-sharing with a peer. Granted, it took her longtime lover, Aimee, walking out on her, but what with all the thoughtful rue and contemplation, fans may think they've wandered onto Graham Greene turf. Forrest alternates courtroom scenes and her closeted-lesbian sleuth's first-person flashbacks, but the action eventually moves into present tense during the investigation of a killing in the Hollywood neighborhood of the title. In what is perhaps a transitional book, Forrest seems to be moving into reflective, almost spiritual territory and concentrating more on inner musings than on murder-mystery action. Fans of the series might feel a tad let down. Well, stay tuned for the next. Who knows what kind of transformation the hardbitten, hard-drinking Delafield might make? Whitney Scott

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