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"The first wave was our coming out stories and now we are writing about so many other
things. Ours are the only untold stories--itwas true then, it's true now. We've invented
our lives. It's just exciting to me, the booksyet to be written."

The Kate Delafield Mystery Series

Hancock Park (2004)

Sleeping Bones (1999)

Apparition Alley (1997)

Liberty Square (1996)

Murder by Tradition (1991)

The Beverly Malibu (1989)

Murder at the Nightwood Bar (1987)

Amateur City (1984)


Novels of Romance / Drama

Flashpoint (1994)

An Emergency of Green (1988)

Curious Wine (1983)



Daughters of an Emerald Dusk (2005)

Daughters of an Amber Noon (2002)

Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984)


Short Stories

Dreams and Swords (1988)


Anthologies Edited

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco (2007)

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World or Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950 - 1965 (2005)

Women of Mystery (2005)

All in the Seasoning: and Other Holiday Stories (2004)










Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN-13: 978-1-560235-42-2

PSRP: $14.95

Available at Bella Books Online Store



New to the Los Angeles area, leading a nomadic life of comfort and privilege, Paul and Carolyn Blake are an American success story. Paul is a self-made man who has overcome hardship to achieve a successful business career. Carolyn is the perfect young wife who has made him the envy of other men.

Then Val Hunter and her ten-year-old son move in next door. An artist just coming into her own, she is a startling and unconventional woman on all counts: physically imposing, and with a burgeoning independence of spirit--and a sexuality that breaks through in her passion for Carolyn.


Paul Blake knows a threat when he sees one, and he knows immediately that Val is exceedingly dangerous. She will expose Carolyn to values that will challenge what Carolyn has accepted and taken for granted. He must fight to retain possession of his wife, and fight he will.


An Emergence of Green is a timeless novel of no-holds-barred combat between a man and a woman for the body and soul of the woman they both covet.

Editorial Reviews


From Independent Publisher

Katherine V. Forrest' is a blend of romanticism and consciousness-raising dogma made tasty by her strong sense of adventure and racy sensuality. When Carolyn, the young wife of an ambitious executive, begins to awaken to the emptiness of her life, it is not long before the conflict starts. Her husband Paul is a textbook case of pathological chauvinism: he rigidly controls his wife's style of dress, job opportunities, contact with friends; and he uses the title "princess" to both exalt and ensnare her. The final showdown is precipitated by Carolyn's growing friendship with Val, an imposingly tall and sharp-witted visual artist who lives in the bungalow next door with her adolescent son. The novel offers...a blushing yet lusty first sexual encounter between the two women. In her narrative, Forrest provides each character and circumstance with enough texture and complexity to make the story interesting. Carolyn's awakening to her need for independence and her love for Val is revealed with knowing delicacy. Paul, too, is more than simply a metaphor for misogyny. The author understands and describes the feelings of inadequacy and fear that are at the root of male supremacy behavior. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.



Feminist Library Newsletter

"The story is well crafted and Katherine Forrest uses all her mystery story skills to build up the suspense."



Rubyfruit Review

"One of the best selling lesbian novels of all time."


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