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"The first wave was our coming out stories and now we are writing about so many other
things. Ours are the only untold stories--itwas true then, it's true now. We've invented
our lives. It's just exciting to me, the booksyet to be written."

The Kate Delafield Mystery Series

Hancock Park (2004)

Sleeping Bones (1999)

Apparition Alley (1997)

Liberty Square (1996)

Murder by Tradition (1991)

The Beverly Malibu (1989)

Murder at the Nightwood Bar (1987)

Amateur City (1984)


Novels of Romance / Drama

Flashpoint (1994)

An Emergency of Green (1988)

Curious Wine (1983)



Daughters of an Emerald Dusk (2005)

Daughters of an Amber Noon (2002)

Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984)


Short Stories

Dreams and Swords (1988)


Anthologies Edited

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco (2007)

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World or Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950 - 1965 (2005)

Women of Mystery (2005)

All in the Seasoning: and Other Holiday Stories (2004)












Daughters of an Emerald Dusk

"Do I sense the writing of a third book in this wonderful series? I sure hope so!"-She magazine on Daughters of an Amber Noon


Late in the twenty-second century, 4,000 women escape the tyranny of a male-dominated Earth and colonize the planet of Maternas. Katherine V. Forrest's influential 1984 novel, Daughters of a Coral Dawn, told the story of this exodus. Her 2000 novel, Daughters of an Amber Noon, told the story of the women left behind on Earth. Now she returns to Maternas at last. Fifty years have passed, and the first generation born on Maternas has reached maturity. But their vision of a perfect world is very different from the vision of the founders of the Maternas colony.


Editorial Reviews


From Booklist

Ever since Forrest's Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984), its fans have anticipated sequels to that lesbian sf novel set some 200 years from now. One finally arrived in Daughters of an Amber Noon (2002), and this book continues the story. For newcomers and faded memories, Forrest provides highlights of the backstory: the departure of 4,144 members of the sisterhood Unity to make a home away from an Earth ravaged by resource depletion and violence in the twenty-first century, and the establishment of a colony in Death Valley by the remaining 2,011 members. Now the heroines of Amber Noon journey by space shuttle to the Unity colonists' new home on the planet Maternas and reunite with their birth family for the first time in the six years since the colonizers set out. The compelling tale unfolds via first-person accounts in the journals of Minerva, Olympia, and Joss, and includes piercingly poignant reunions, a wrenching leave-taking, and a suspenseful return to the ultimate mother. Whitney Scott

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